Posted on April 17, 2014

Your nonprofit organization is established and growing, and you feel like you are ready to hire your first employee. But are you really ready? What are the upsides of hiring an employee? Do you understand the risks of hiring an employee (or more than one employee)? What must you know before you take that leap and become an employer?

Join us for this practical workshop that provides an overview and key guidance on questions such as:
• What does having an employee really mean?
• How are employees different from volunteers or contractors?
• What are an employer’s legal duties and obligations to its employees?
• How can you best manage the risks that come with having employees?
• When and how do workers compensation, unemployment insurance, and other government requirements for employers come into play?
• How do you find, select and (ideally) keep good employees?

Evan Pontz, Troutman Sanders

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