Posted on September 18, 2014

Nonprofits often team up with for-profit companies to conduct fundraising activities, with part of the proceeds from the sale of the for-profit’s product or service (such as a book or t-shirt) benefiting the nonprofit. What steps are the parties required to take when entering into these types of “commercial co-venture” or “cause marketing promotion” arrangements? It may surprise you, but many states, including Georgia, have laws about these promotions.

During this 30-minute webcast, our speaker helps nonprofits understand:
* What is required in Georgia for these arrangements?
* What does your agreement with the for-profit need to include?
* How do you protect your intellectual property in connection with these promotions?
* What disclosures do you need to include in your promotional materials to the public?

Presenter: Nicole Pierce, American Cancer Society

Click here to view webcast.