Posted on June 21, 2012

Does your organization ever work with businesses owned by a board member, Executive Director or employee or someone related to one of those people? Maybe hire a printing company or rent office space from such a person or company? Use a caterer for an event who is married to a Board Member? Has your Executive Director written a book related to the mission of the organization or does he or she receive speaking fees for speeches s/he gives? All of these examples raise potential conflicts of interest issues. Some of these conflicts can put the organization and its decision-makers at risk of penalties.

Most nonprofits have a Conflicts of Interest Policy, but many nonprofits don’t really understand what it covers, how to properly use the policy and how to comply with it. Questions to be asked include: Who is gaining what? Is the organization getting the best deal? Have other options been considered? Who is involved in making the decision? Has the organization documented any of this information or its decision?

During this one hour webcast, our speaker will:

• Explain what a Conflicts of Interest (“COI”) policy and Procedure should include,
• How an organization should use its COI policy and procedure,
• And discuss a variety of examples of potential conflicts and the questions to consider when addressing them.

Presenter: Robyn Miller
Staff Attorney, Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta

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