Posted on July 5, 2016

Ok, so you’ve organized a trip abroad and recruited a group of volunteers who are ready to fly out ASAP. But when traveling abroad, there are situations in which safety and security issues may outweigh the advantages of international experiences. What happens if something goes wrong? What happens, God forbid, if one of your volunteers is seriously injured, or even killed? Who is held legally responsible? Don’t miss this informative workshop for a broad overview of evaluating, avoiding and managing the risks associated with international trips.

Topics discussed will include:

• The importance and content of liability releases
• Evaluation of potential security and health risks
• Steps to take before the departure of your trip
• Best practices for medical treatment in the event of an emergency abroad

Thursday, July 28, 2016
10:30 until 12:00 noon

The Foundation Center

Presenters: Suhail Seth, Partner, Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP

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