Posted on January 10, 2013

As mentioned in Nonprofit Notes, we are trying something new this year with our webcasts. Starting this month, we will no longer require you to register to view the webcast. Instead, we will send a link like this one to our mailing list a few days before each webcast.

To access the webcast, please click on the link below at the designated time. Materials will be available via the same link at the time of the webcast. If you have difficulties viewing the webcast, please see the tips below.

Charitable Solicitation
Nonprofits have significant obligations to register before they ask for contributions and to acknowledge donations when received. These rules vary by state and can be traps for the wary.

During this one hour webinar, our speaker helps nonprofits understand:

• Who needs to register to solicit donations?
• In what states do you need to register when you have a website?
• How do you create a simple system to acknowledge donations?
• What paperwork should be kept to verify acknowledgements?

When: Wednesday, January 23, 2013
10:00 am to 11:00 am

Presenter: Robyn Miller, Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta

Click here to access webcast

Also, upon viewing the webcast, we ask that you take a few moments to complete a brief survey regarding your thoughts on the webcast.

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Difficulties Viewing our Webcast?
We are fortunate to be able to offer these webcasts at no cost to you because allows us to use their technology. Should you encounter difficulties watching the live webcast, we hope these tips will help address the problem causing your issue.

If you have difficulty hearing the webcast, please try to adjust the volume settings on your computer. Our volume is set as high as possible without distorting the sound. Use external speakers for the best sound.

Video provides a Flash video player with streaming video. If your computer is having difficulties playing the video, try one of the following:

* Update your Flash player to the latest version. You can do so by visiting
* Close other programs you may be running on your computer. They may be taking up processor power and slowing the video down.
* Check your internet connection. Our webcasts are best viewed by using a broadband connection.

If you still have difficulties, we recommend watching the recording of the webcast that will be posted on the week following the live webcast recording. Your computer will typically be able to buffer the non-live version of the webcast better.