Posted on March 21, 2013

At twelve years old, Kate Atwood lost her mother after a six year battle with breast cancer. Numbed by the loss, Kate immersed herself in sports and social activities but the spiritual void she felt in her life was still unfulfilled. It wasn’t until Kate became involved with a bereavement camp that she began to heal.

Inspired by Kate’s experience, Kate’s Club was created. A nonprofit that began in June 2003 with humble beginnings has now touched the lives of over 400 children and their families. The organization helps empower and heal children that have lost a sibling or parent by providing social, recreational and emotional support. Operated entirely on donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations, Kate’s Club offers all support services, programs, and camps free of charge.

The organization has earned well deserved publicity and recognition. Over the last few years, Kate’s Club has been featured on CNN, The View, and in several magazines. But more importantly, the publicity has been a way for many children and teens that have lost a loved one to find Kate’s Club and become a part of the organization.

Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta has connected Kate’s Club with generous volunteer attorneys to help with their legal needs, ranging from employment to contracts to intellectual property. According to Emily Brenner Hawkins, Executive Director of Kate’s Club, “the volunteer attorneys … have been incredibly experienced, effective and attuned to our needs as a nonprofit. The process of working with them and with PBPA has been a pleasure and the work has greatly strengthened the legal and policy framework of our organization. We are able to more effectively execute our mission because of our partnership with PBPA.”

The following attorneys have provided pro bono assistance to Kate’s Club through Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta. In addition, Valerie King (pictured 2nd from the left), not only advised Kate’s Club on legal issues, but also volunteers her time to Kate’s Club by visiting grieving children with rescue pets from Happy Tails, an animal rescue group.

Eric Barton of Seyfarth Shaw
Evan Pontz of Troutman Sanders
Mark Taylor of Taylor, English, and Duma
Mary Williams of The Coca-Cola Company
Ken Barr of The Home Depot
Christopher Holland of Smith, Gambrell, & Russell
Tim McDonald of Thompson Hine
Rick McMurtry and Toni Millner of Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

Posted on November 29, 2011

Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta volunteers provided more than $2.3 million worth of legal services to Atlanta nonprofits last year. The time and talents of our attorney volunteers make a big difference to the nonprofits they serve. Below are some “shout outs” to our volunteers from their appreciative nonprofit clients:

To: Elizabeth Weller of Turner Entertainment Networks
From: Living Water for Girls
“Thank you so much for connecting Living Water for Girls with Turner Broadcasting. I met with a Liz Weller, Vice President/Deputy General Counsel at Turner Entertainment Networks on this past Saturday, and of course, this would not have been possible without your assistance. She is brilliant and offered sound guidance for our future endeavors.”

To: Jarrod Loadholt of Troutman Sanders
From: Carroll County Family Connection
“I can’t tell you how wonderful Jarrod has been. He was quick to check the documents as I completed them and was always available to take my calls. He is an incredible attorney and he made this process so easy. Thank you for making this possible for our organization.”

To: Laura Bogan of The Home Depot
From: Margot Swann of Visions Anew Institute
“I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for the time and effort you put into advising us about employee status. Knowing when to classify employees and/or volunteers as exempt or non-exempt is very helpful. I understand you had to do a good bit of research in order to advise us.”

To: Andrew Morris of Sutherland
From: PEDS
“On behalf of PEDS, I want to express our appreciation to Pro Bono Partnership for connecting us to Andrew Morris. Andrew has been a terrific help to us. His help drafting agreements is enabling us to expand our capacity and resources dramatically.”

To: Judy Powell and Tywanda Lord of Kilpatrick Stockton and Jill Warner of McRae Brooks Warner
From: The Atlanta Women’s Foundation
“Words are not adequate to express how much we appreciate your assistance with our efforts to trademark two of our Community Initiative Programs. We are so grateful to you for rolling up your sleeves and giving your legal efforts to this matter.”

Posted on August 16, 2011

Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta volunteers provided more than $2.3 million worth of legal services to Atlanta nonprofits last year. The time and talents of our attorney volunteers make a big difference the nonprofits they serve. Below are some “shout outs” to our volunteers from their appreciative nonprofit clients:

A cake celebrating Jeannette Rankin
Foundation’s new bylaws

To: Nicholas Farrell of Hillenbrand and Matt Madison of Troutman Sanders
From: The Jeanette Rankin Foundation
“It was several months ago when you embarked on this project as a volunteer attorney with Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta. I want to extend my sincere thanks to you for your work on our new bylaws to have them conform to normal standards for non-profit organizations as well as Georgia law. Thank you for your guidance through this process.”

To: Kevin Glidewell of Turner Broadcasting System
From: BikeAthens
“On behalf of the Bike Athens Board of Directors, please allow me to express our appreciation for the pro bono assistance you and your team has provided us in the matter of obtaining state and federal trademark protection. Throughout the process you were forthcoming and responsive to the questions we raised. It has been a pleasure working with you. If you ever find yourself in Athens please let us know, as we would love to share a bicycle ride with you”

To: Richard Rimer of Troutman Sanders
From: Renovacion Conyugal
“I just wanted to let you know that we just received the official certificates from the Trademark Office for the 3 marks that Richard Rimer from Troutman Sanders presented in our behalf. We are so happy! We never dreamed that we could have this possibility. This is one of the many wonderful things that Pro Bono makes a reality for small nonprofits like us. You are making a difference! Richard has been fantastic! We have never gotten this without his dedication and genuine interest for us.”

To: John Jett of Kilpatrick Stockton LLP
From: Compassion House
“Thank you so much for all of the hard work and expertise you put into developing the Privacy Policy for Compassion House! We are blessed by your generosity and skill. This will be a valuable addition to the work we do here. It is a good feeling to know that we are doing things correctly and that we have received such good legal counsel.”

To: Carolyn Wingfield of AT&T and Frank Riggs of Troutman Sanders
From: East Atlanta Community Association
“Thank you for your time and diligence on EACA’s Neighbor in Need initiative. Your work has set the organization on firm ground, so that it can continue its work in improving seniors’ quality of life. Your advice and direction has put our passion on stable ground. With your expertise, EACA can confidently fulfill its mission for years to come.”

Posted on July 1, 2009

What do President Barack Obama, Paula Deen, Ernest Borgnine, and Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts have in common? All have participated in fulfilling the dream of an elderly person through Second Wind Dreams. In the past twelve years, Second Wind Dreams has built an award-winning program which trains eldercare communities nationwide on how to raise the resources to make residents’ dreams come true.

Paula Deen fulfills the dream request
of 88 year old Eveline Kelly

The idea for Second Wind Dreams grew out the work of geriatric specialist P.K. Beville, M.S. who co-authored Second Wind, a novel about people living in a nursing home. PK found “that after a dream had been fulfilled, the effects linger, giving all involved a Second Wind.” Second Wind Dreams’ programs enhance the quality of life for those living in eldercare communities by decreasing resident depression, increasing staff morale, providing life-changing volunteer opportunities, and creating a positive environment for all of those involved in the dream fulfillment process. The program has received attention from the national media including Southern Living, The Associated Press, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, CBS Evening News, People Magazine, CNN, The American Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, Assisted Living Today, NBC’s Three Wishes with Amy Grant, and the Hallmark Channel.

Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta has matched the Second Wind Dreams with several volunteer attorneys to strengthen the legal health of the organization. Currently, Rupert Barkoff of Kilpatrick Stockton is drafting a franchise agreement as the organization seeks to formalize its relationship with its chapters. Faith Knight of McKesson has worked with Second Wind Dreams on HIPAA-related issues and drafted a media waiver. Evan Pontz of Troutman Sanders LLP volunteered his services on several employment-related issues, and attorneys from Turner Broadcasting System, Gardner Groff, and Kilpatrick Stockton have assisted with a variety of intellectual property issues.

Second Wind Dreams is founded on the principle that people are never too old to dream or to have their dreams come true. The greatest percentage of dreams are “just for fun” such as going to The Price Is Right, riding a camel, or cruising around town in a red convertible. Second Wind Dreams also fulfills many other types of dreams of low income seniors such as reuniting them with loved ones, taking one to swim with dolphins, or helping them to relive past experiences. Most dreams are funded for less than $100, and some as are simple as taking a resident to see his garden one last time or providing a resident with art supplies.