Posted on March 7, 2014

In 2013, over 575 attorneys volunteered for new matters with Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta! To see a full list of those who have volunteered, click here. Interested in volunteering? Click here for a current list of volunteer opportunities!

To: Todd Williams and Carly Regan of Turner Broadcasting
From: Urban Recipe
We cannot thank you enough for your labors through Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta for Georgia Avenue Community Ministry (now dba Urban Recipe!). Your work was timely and expert and you were most patient with my bumbling. I am also very aware that your gift to us of your time and expertize was a huge contribution to our work, as we do not have in-house lawyers and do not have the budget to afford the sort of valued guidance you gave to us. So we are most appreciative.

To: Melloney Douce of Rolta and Katy McConnell of Kilpatrick Townsend
From: Living Room, Inc.
We are truly grateful that gave so generously of your time – even cutting into your vacation in Europe to work on our policy. You have helped strengthen us as an organization, and have enabled us to focus on our mission related work. Thank you!

To: Ashley Halfman of Miller & Martin
From: Prevent Child Abuse Newton
I just want you to know what all of your efforts have meant to me, our former board members, and the community. Saying thank you seems such a poor phrase in this instance, but it is heartfelt.

To: Payal Cramer of McKenna Long & Aldridge
From: Side by Side Brain Injury Clubhouse
The generosity of you and McKenna Long & Aldridge allows organizations such as Side by Side to maintain our focus on serving those in need. We are so blessed to have a resource like Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta and your firm to help ensure that we are following best practices and protecting the organization from undue risk in areas in which we lack expertise.

To: Adam Ney and Michael Kerman of Sutherland
From: Sober Living America
Once again, we cannot thank you enough. Sober Living America is now providing housing and recovery services to over 150 people daily, and you make that possible! We are truly grateful to you guys and Sutherland, the work you do in the nonprofit community is outstanding.