Posted on June 20, 2012

Please take a minute to check out our new website! Kyle McEntee, our legal fellow, engineered a complete revamp, including:

• A current list of available volunteer opportunities is posted at No need to wait for the monthly email to volunteer!
• Our extensive Resources section now includes a search function.
• Through the Special Alert on our homepage, we can post breaking news such as: PBP-Atl is taking applications for a new part-time paralegal position. [By the way, pass this along to any paralegals you know.]
• Photos are easier to update so please send us pictures. As you can see from the website, short and wide photos work best.
• Click on “Upcoming Events” to learn about our free workshops and webcasts for nonprofits.

We would not have our fantastic new website without Kyle’s assistance. Since graduating from Vanderbilt Law School a year ago, Kyle has been working for us as a legal fellow, receiving a small stipend from Vanderbilt. In addition to his work on the website, Kyle has provided direct assistance to clients and partnered with our volunteers on projects. When he is not busy at PBP-Atl, Kyle works as Executive Director of Law School Transparency, a nonprofit that works to improve consumer information concerning the value of legal education.