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Posted on February 10, 2021

Thank you to the 139 attorney volunteers (as of February 11) who gave nonprofit clients pro bono advice! We could not have done it without you.

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Alex Drummond
Alex Speer
Allison Pryor
Amber Johnson
Amy Pleasance
Ana Dowell
Andria Ryan
Andy Litvak
Andy Much
Angela Vadala
Arthur Gambill
Ashley Fredericks
Ashley Halfman
Ashley Klein
Ashley Phillips Smith
Bob Edwards
Brian Fineman
Brian Harms
Brooke Belisle
Casey Holloway
Charlie Suessmith
Claire Barnett
Creighton Frommer
Curtis Romig
Dan Brown
Daniel Merrett
Daniel Sineway
Dave Sartor
David Pryor
Dustin Weeks
Elaine Stephenson
Elaine Tapp
Eric Ahlzadeh
Eric Larson
Erica Svoboda
Erinn Robinson
Faith Knight Myers
Faith Proper
Falkner Werkhaven
Gabby Fulton
Gail Gunnells
Gordon Wright
Guanming Fang Ray
Hannah Basta
Hannah Couch
Helena Gu
Houston Shaner
Howard Walker
Jade Gilstrap
James McGee
Jamie Konn
Jason Bernstein
Jason McLarry
Jeremy Hilsman
Jeremy Spier
Jiaona Huang
Jiten Patel
Joe Freeman
Joe Kauffman
Joel Rogers
Joshua Combs
Juhi Kaveeshvar Patel
Justine Cowan
Kady D?Amico
Kara Specht
Karen Bain
Karen Martinez
Karli Swift
Kasia Hebda
Katelyn Andrews
Kathleen McCarthy
Kathryn “Kate” Hopkins
Kelley Chittenden
Kelsey Donnalley
Kelsie Willett
Keshia Tiemann
Kirk Knight
Kristina Griffin
Lara Ruggerio
Laura Jacobs
Laura Little
Laura Phillips
Lauren Gregory
Leah Braukman
Lindsey Mann
Lindsey Perry
Lisa Sharp
Lizzie Dunn
Lori Shapiro
Mack McGuffey III
Madeline Neel
Marion Tilson
Mark Littmann
Mark Windham
Martha Sewell
Marty Heller
Mary Grace Gallagher
Matt McGrath
Melissa Butler
Melissa Caen
Melissa Yost
Meredith Burris
Michael Hobbs, Jr.
Michael Nunnally
Michelle Johnson
Mike Lee
Monique McDowell
Montrell D McCaskill
Rachel Spears
Raj Shah
Raquel Crump
Remi Ricciuti
Rena Kelley
Rich Cohen
Rick Baker
Robyn Miller
Russell Jones
Sam Goldstein
Samantha Smith Lewis
Sara Weed
Sarah Moy
Scott Edwards
Seth Ford
Shannon Baisden
Shelli Willis
Stan Shapiro
Stephanie Aferiat
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Steven Hewitson
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Vicky Liu
Wayne Bradley
William Baucom
William Ledbetter
William Rothschild