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Posted on July 17, 2014

This is part one of an eight part webinar series that provides general legal information about operating a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit corporation. This webinar highlights IRS regulations for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations, including limitations on private inurement, lobbying and unrelated business income.

Presenter: Regina Hopkins, Esq., Assistant Director for Community Economic Development, D.C. Bar Pro Bono Program

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Posted on December 6, 2011

This is our own Georgia-specific source on best practices for corporate governance and compliance with the IRS guidelines for 501(c)(3) organizations, tax reporting and state filings. The best methods to keep your 501(c)(3) exemption.

Posted on December 6, 2011

Even if your organization already has its 501(c)(3) status, the IRS can still take it away unless you do the right things. This guide covers activities that may jeopardize a charity’s exempt status, tax returns or notices that must be filed, recordkeeping, changes to be reported to the IRS, required public disclosures and resources for public charities.

Posted on December 6, 2011

Even though you are a “tax-exempt” organization, there are still taxes you have to pay. This article and chart tell you what taxes may apply to your organization.