Posted on June 18, 2014

Corporate donations are a fantastic way for nonprofits to raise funds, but nonprofits must proceed with caution when receiving a corporate donation with “strings” attached because the income could be taxable. The donation could be a either a corporate sponsorship or advertising income, depending on how the donor is recognized and what the donor receives in return. The distinction is significant because advertising income can be considered Unrelated Business Income and can therefore be taxable. Your organization controls the outcome! Don’t miss this informative webcast for an overview of:

* What is considered a qualified corporate sponsorship under the Internal Revenue Code
* What benefits can nonprofits give sponsors that will not make the income taxable
* What benefits will trigger Unrelated Business Income Tax and should be avoided
* What other options do Corporate donors have?

Presenters: Timothy Phillips and Laurisa Curran, American Cancer Society

Click here for webcast.