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Posted on November 18, 2009

Many nonprofits are considering social enterprise (a.k.a. social entrepreneurship or social ventures) as a way to expand their reach. With social enterprise, nonprofits use business models and entrepreneurial approaches to improve the common good and solve social problems in new and effective ways. For example, the Georgia Justice Project started a landscaping program in order to provide employment to its clients.

While some nonprofits see social enterprise as a way to reduce their dependence on charitable donations and grants, others view the business itself as the vehicle for social change. Either way, there are many complex legal and tax issues associated with such ventures.

During this one hour webinar, our speakers help nonprofits understand:

  • The legalities and realities of social enterprise
  • The tax ramifications of social enterprise
  • The pros and cons of social enterprise

Anne Andrews, Berman Fink Van Horn
Tim Phillips, American Cancer Society

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