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Posted on March 25, 2021

Nonprofit staff and board are all on the same team, but problems can arise if the roles of team members are unclear. In this webcast, PBPA’s Justine Cowan, who has served as both an executive director and a board member herself, will discuss how to navigate the complex board-staff relationship, including:

• Key policies that strengthen the board-staff partnership;

• How board and staff duties may evolve as an organization grows;

• Troubleshooting issues when the board-staff line gets blurred.

Speaker: Justine Cowan, Staff Attorney at PBPA

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Posted on September 20, 2019

PBPA Executive Director, Rachel Epps Spears discusses the good habits that make a successful board member. Learn to be an effective partner to the organization you care so much about and help avoid the pitfalls of financial mismanagement. This knowledge is more important than ever, especially considering recent closures of several well-established nonprofits in Atlanta.

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Posted on May 21, 2018

Nonprofits hold board meetings quarterly if not monthly. These meetings are required by the organization’s bylaws and at least yearly by law, but it’s hard to find training for Executive Directors, CEOs and Board Chairs regarding how to prepare for and run such meetings. More importantly, how does one make such meetings effective?

During this webcast, our speaker addresses the following:

  • How to prepare for board meetings
  • How to run board meetings
  • Documents associated with such meetings
  • How to keep board meetings focused and on track, and
  • Key follow up steps after a board meeting
  • Presenter: Robin Sangston, V.P. Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer, COX Communications

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    Posted on October 30, 2017

    Under Georgia law, government agencies and even some nonprofits are required to make certain meetings and records open to the public. Georgia’s Open Records Act and Open Meetings Act provide broad public access to such records and meetings.

    During this webinar, our speaker helps nonprofits understand:

      – When a nonprofit is required to comply with Georgia’s Open Records and Open Meetings Acts;
      – What constitutes an open record and an open meeting; and
      – How to comply with Georgia’s Open Records and Open Meetings Acts

    Presenter: Marquetta Bryan of Nelson Mullins

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    Posted on May 3, 2016

    The new buzz word in the nonprofit §501(c)(3) sector seems to be “self-sustaining.” Boards, foundations, and other stakeholders are asking how nonprofit §501(c)(3)’s can generate income and become self-sustaining. The goal of this webcast is to help nonprofits understand the potential risks of selling goods or services and to provide insights into options for doing so without jeopardizing their tax-exempt status.

    Speaker: Robyn Miller, Corporate/Tax Counsel, Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta

    Please click on the link below to view the webcast live on May 4.

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    Posted on July 30, 2014

    This article sets forth best practices for a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation to consider when determining the size and composition of its board of directors.

    Posted on October 29, 2012

    While many nonprofits use the term member to mean supporter, donor, participant or friend, the term “member” actually has a technical definition under Georgia law. Deciding on whether or not your organization should have members in a legal sense is important because it affects who controls the organization. Learn more about what it means to have members in this article.

    Posted on June 21, 2012

    Does your organization ever work with businesses owned by a board member, Executive Director or employee or someone related to one of those people? Maybe hire a printing company or rent office space from such a person or company? Use a caterer for an event who is married to a Board Member? Has your Executive Director written a book related to the mission of the organization or does he or she receive speaking fees for speeches s/he gives? All of these examples raise potential conflicts of interest issues. Some of these conflicts can put the organization and its decision-makers at risk of penalties.

    Most nonprofits have a Conflicts of Interest Policy, but many nonprofits don’t really understand what it covers, how to properly use the policy and how to comply with it. Questions to be asked include: Who is gaining what? Is the organization getting the best deal? Have other options been considered? Who is involved in making the decision? Has the organization documented any of this information or its decision?

    During this one hour webcast, our speaker will:

    • Explain what a Conflicts of Interest (“COI”) policy and Procedure should include,
    • How an organization should use its COI policy and procedure,
    • And discuss a variety of examples of potential conflicts and the questions to consider when addressing them.

    Presenter: Robyn Miller
    Staff Attorney, Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta

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    Posted on December 7, 2011

    Keeping good minutes in board meetings is more than just a good idea. It’s required! Click here to learn more.

    Please note that in addition to the legal disclaimer above, this article contains information that is based, in whole or in part, on the laws of the District of Columbia. As a result, the information may not be appropriate for organizations operating outside the District of Columbia.

    Posted on December 7, 2011

    Georgia law requires certain nonprofit organizations to allow public access to their records and meetings. Learn who must comply with the Sunshine Laws and what these laws require.