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Posted on December 21, 2020

“Comp Time” is a popular practice among some nonprofit employers.  An employee who works extra hours gets paid time off instead of overtime pay.  In this episode of the PBPA podcast, Marquetta Bryan speaks to us about the practices of “comp time” as well as “flex time.”  If your nonprofit provides comp time options to employees, either regularly or just occasionally, then you definitely need to listen to this episode with important information about the use of comp time by nonprofits in Georgia.

Listen to the podcast here

Episode 10 Transcript – Is Comp Time a Legal Practice in Georgia

Posted on November 19, 2020

This year, perhaps more than ever, you want to acknowledge donors for their contributions. In this episode of the PBPA podcast, we will be talking about thanking donors and written acknowledgements. When should a “thank you” to donors be sent? What are the specific legal requirements of the acknowledgement? During this podcast, our guest Robyn Miller answers these questions and more.

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Episode 9 Transcript – What to Include in Thank you to Donors

Posted on September 30, 2020

You sign them all the time, for your child’s field trip or when you rent some roller skates. What does a waiver, or release of liability, really mean? And what protection can it provide your organization from COVID-related liability? In this podcast, our guest, Larry Kunin, speaks with us about when and why a nonprofit might need to have a release of liability signed. Larry also answers some common logistical questions, including how long you need to hold onto a signed release and contactless waiver signing. Guest: Larry Kunin, Partner at Morris Manning & Martin

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Posted on September 1, 2020

Many nonprofits are faced with new challenges in this COVID era. Some nonprofits have pivoted to expand programming to assist existing clients during COVID-19. And some nonprofits have expanded their scope to address the heightened awareness around social injustices. In this episode of the PBPA podcast, nonprofit consultant Dolph Goldenburg and PBPA Senior Tax and Corporate Counsel Robyn Miller share legal and logistical insight on how to expand your nonprofit’s mission, while avoiding mission creep.

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Posted on August 13, 2020

Last Spring, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) created new provisions for childcare leave. 5 months later, with schools opening up virtually and in-person, employers may once again be wondering how FFCRA leave might apply to their employees. In this episode of the PBPA Podcast, Todd Stanton answers our questions about FFCRA childcare leave & school re-openings.

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Posted on July 30, 2020

Many nonprofits find themselves teleworking, now and for the foreseeable future. Just because your workforce is out of sight does not mean they are out of mind. In this podcast, Val Rusk shares legal and practical insight on managing a remote workforce.

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Posted on July 27, 2020

Do you have to let an employee go? Even the best managers eventually find themselves in this position, and preparation is key. Join us in a conversation with Lori Shapiro, PBPA’s Employment Counsel, as she walks us through an employee termination meeting.

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Click here for the Georgia Separation Notice Required for Any Separation from Employment mentioned in the podcast.

Posted on May 21, 2020

What worksite obligations and potential risks should nonprofits be aware of in the “new normal”? Join us in a conversation with Micah Dickie, Associate at Fisher Phillips, as we talk about some of the most common concerns Georgia nonprofits might have as employees return to the worksite.

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Find a copy of the CDC Flowchart referenced in the podcast here.

Micah has also shared written Guidance on Reopening in Georgia and Back to Business FAQs.

Posted on April 29, 2020

Join us in our second episode of the PBPA Podcast as our Executive Director, Rachel Spears, talks about what board members can and should do to help their nonprofits navigate through the COVID-19 era. This resource is also very sharable and succinct for your busy board members, the individuals who bear the ultimate responsibility for nonprofit organizational decisions at this critical time.

Guest: Rachel Spears, Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta
Listen to podcast here.

Posted on April 16, 2020

Did your nonprofit have to cancel an event because of the COVID-19 pandemic? Can you get your money back? In this inaugural PBPA Podcast, Sireesha Ghanta speaks with Justine Cowan about force majeure, equity, and your contract cancellations.

Presenters: Justine Cowan, Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta

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