Posted on June 2, 2014

File Your Form 990!
Here at Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta, we continue to hear from nonprofits that have lost their 501(c)(3) status for failure to file their Form 990s or that are subject to large penalties by the IRS for filing their Form 990 late or for filing incorrect or incomplete versions. One of our clients recently received a notice from the IRS that it owes over $9000 in penalties for filing their Form 990 late. Avoid these costly mistakes by making sure to file the correct version of the Form
990 completely and on time. Remember, if your fiscal year ends on December 31,your 2013 Form 990 will be due on May 15 unless you get an extension in advance of that date. For other important information about filing Form 990s, please see
our FAQs on the topic.