Posted on December 9, 2016

December is a busy time for nonprofits, which often gear up for year-end fundraising campaigns. If your organization requests donations from individuals in Georgia, did you know that you have to make a special filing? Most organizations that solicit charitable contributions from the public in Georgia are required to register with the Secretary of State under the Georgia Charitable Solicitations Act. And yet we find that many PBPA clients have not made the required charitable solicitation registration. Do a quick search to find out if your registration is up to date. This article provides an overview of the application process, exemptions, and penalties under the Act. If you are soliciting donations from other states or on your website, this article answers the when, where and how you might have to register to solicit donations in other states as well.

In what is becoming an annual tradition, we are also including the gift of PBPA’s Guide to Sending Acknowledgments for Donations so you are sure to include the required IRS language when you acknowledge all of those year-end donations.

Happy fundraising!