Posted on July 11, 2018

To: Jenny Case Sabo, Insight Global
From: Kids Video Connection, Inc.

“We appreciate you for volunteering your time and legal expertise to write the policies and procedures. Having legal and written documentation of all policies will help Kids Video Connection operate more effectively.”

To: Nkoyo-Ene Effiong, The Effiong Firm

“Thank you for your tremendous generosity and willingness to share your talent with GLISI in service of our mission. We cannot be more grateful for your counsel and will strive every day to make your contribution of expertise and time pay off through effectively growing school and district leaders to give every Georgia child the opportunity to realize dreams for a bright future.”

To: Matt Gries, UPS
From: North Fulton Community Charities

“On behalf of North Fulton Community Charities, I want to thank you for your legal assistance with a revision and update of NFCC’s Articles of Incorporation and our Bylaws. I’m happy to report that our Board approved the updates in February and we received notice today the State approve the updated articles in May.

We appreciate your willingness to undertake this project and your promptness and patience in response to our questions.”

To: Scott Edwards, King & Spalding
From: Team Maggie

“I spoke with Scott Edwards this morning and went over the Conflict of Interest document he drew up for Team Maggie. We are very happy to have this in place and can not thank you (Pro Bono Partnership) and Scott Edwards enough for all you have done to help us put best practices in place.”

To: Lee Berkley, Jones Day
From: Sheltering Grace Ministry

“Thank you for your patience and your assistance with this manual. I have finally received feedback from all concerned and it is good. A few of the numbers have been changed but the manual is approved and is being implemented.

We are so blessed to have the service of volunteers like yourself, we could not afford to have this done, and we thank you and wish you continued success in all that you do.”