Posted on September 28, 2018

To: Rena Kelley, TBC Corporation
From: Boy with a Ball

“Thank you so much, Rena, for your hard work. You were a delight and we are so appreciative of your skill, your talent and your heart.”

To: Ryan Kerr, Arnall Golden Gregory
From: Ruth’s Cottage

“We finalized our newly revised Financial Operational Policies and Procedures Manual with a new section of “Gift Acceptance”, thanks to your help. It did take a while to get our committee together and moving on this but we finally have what we feel is a much better plan for receiving gifts properly. Your help was also so timely as we conduct our capital campaign for a new building and just this week a local supporter of ours has donated a 10K Wolf Oven and Range for the new building! We have clear direction on exactly how to handle such a gift, thanks to you Ryan.”

To: Lisa Morchower, Berman Fink Van Horn P.C.
From: Resource Center for Community Action

“On behalf of the Resource Center for Community Action and staff, we are more than grateful for the time that you have put in to resolve the shed matter in Rockdale county. There were many times I wanted to scream but you never gave up the fight to find legal solutions. Thank you for all you’ve done. You are a GREAT attorney!”

To: Mark Padilla, Cox Communications
From: Urban Recipe

“Mark has been such a great person to help us. I know you all know this but the way your volunteers help the nonprofit world is so important. It really makes a huge difference for small organizations like ours to know that we have someone who we can get high quality, professional advice from.”

To: Ballard Yelton, Troutman Sanders
From: Towaliga CASA

“Thank you so much for sending Ballard our way. He was very patient with me and did his best on our behalf even though we were a pro bono case. Words are inadequate to express our gratitude for all involved.”