Posted on March 27, 2018

Since January 1, 2018, 227 attorneys have volunteered for new matters with PBPA! Click here for a list of individuals who have volunteered so far this year.

To: Carly Regan & Todd Williams, Turner
From: Ferst Foundation

Carly Regan and Todd Williams at Turner are fantastic! They have helped us immensely with trademarks, are amazingly proactive and have truly gone above and beyond to ensure that we have all the bases covered. I also love that they genuinely care about our mission. I feel like they are part of our team. Just recently, with their help, we discovered that there was a trademark conflict with our new logo design. We got right on revising the design, got it completed and submitted to Carly and Todd. Within 3 hours, Carly responded to give us a “thumbs up” to proceed with the new logo! In all, it took us 8 days to go from a serious design conflict to a new logo design that we can trademark. Because of that, we hardly missed a beat with our rebranding effort. Incredible!

To: Michael Del Gaudio, Troutman Sanders
From: Innovative Solutions for Disadvantage & Disability

Michael DelGaudio deserves an award for patience! It took over a year to get approval on the re-write of our bylaws and articles of incorporation. He patiently answered [our] questions and explained the bylaws using plain language. He walked us through the process to file the amended articles and followed up on the status. He did an excellent job!

To: George Sewell, ThyssenKrupp
From: HopeWorks

Not only has George Sewell helped us with numerous legal forms and matters, he has done so with professionalism, embracing our ministry and our mission.

To: Jenny Case, Nelson Mullins
From: CASA Paulding

Jenny Case with Nelson Mullins updated our personnel handbook from start to finish. It took weeks to complete and she did a wonderful job. In fact, we have shared it with one other CASA program!

To: Shane Lord, The Home Depot
From: Peace Prep

Shane Lord has been a delight to work with and has gone above and beyond to ensure we get projects done, but also is diligent in checking in our organization’s ability to complete its stated purpose. I’m always encouraged to talk with Shane about more than just the current project and his genuine interest has been wind in my sails.