Posted on April 5, 2019

Since January 1, 216 volunteers, have volunteered for new matters for our nonprofit clients! Click here for a list of individuals who have volunteered so far this year.

To: Ted Boehm, Fisher & Phillips
From: Georgia Asylum & Immigration Network

I just wanted to thank you for connecting me with Ted Boehm! I had a final call with him regarding Exempt vs. Non-exempt and I feel so educated and better informed. I can now take over the world. Thank you!

To: Devin Gordon, Turner Broadcasting Sytem
From: flood student missions

Devin and I had a great conversation the other day and are working on the items regarding intellectual property. We don’t anticipate this taking too long and he was actually able to help me with something that recently came up in that department.

Devin is GREAT and I look forward to working with him on this project!

To: John Monroe and Patrick Ryan, FordHarrison
From: Atlanta Legal Aid Society

We are so appreciative of Pro Bono Partnership’s referral and FordHarrison’s expert legal assistance in this matter. I can’t say enough about how helpful this was for our organization.

To: Doug Newell, Eversheds Sutherland
From: Swope Dreams

I wanted to formally thank you for all of the incredible work you have done on behalf of Swope Dreams, which recently resulted in closing on our first residential property as an organization! Your contribution to this project was critical, and I can confidently say that we would not have achieved a successful outcome without your involvement. With the closing of this property, we are now one step closer to providing a lower income family in Atlanta with the opportunity of purchasing an affordable home to call their own.

To: Molly Brophy and Michael Green, Jones Day
From: Be THE Voice

The Board of Directors of Be THE Voice, Inc. officially adopted new bylaws as written and prepared by you. You were wonderfully thoughtful and patient with my questions, and it was a pleasure to work with you. I am grateful for your experience, knowledge and thoroughness in the drafting of this important organizational document. Thank you so much for leading the process to create bylaws that our Board could unanimously endorse.