Posted on September 22, 2016

Since January 1, 2016, 525 attorneys have volunteered for new matters with Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta! Click here for a list of individuals who have volunteered so far this year.

To: Isabella Lee, Alston & Bird
From: Advocates for Children
“Isabella [Lee] provided tremendous assistance, and so have all of the other attorneys with whom we have been paired. We are very grateful to have this opportunity through PBPA. The legal assistance and guidance we are receiving are of immeasurable benefit to our organization!”
To: Jennifer Burns, Equifax
From: Disabled American Veterans
“Thank you so much for stepping up and assisting the Disabled American Veterans, J.B. Connally, Chapter 2, Athens, GA, with our motorized scooter agreement. This agreement will ensure we are protected and the veterans will gain a valuable asset to assist them in a more comfortable living situation. Thanks again!”

To: Tim Murphy, Paul Hastings
From: re:imagine/ATL
“re:imagine/ATL is excited and grateful to have received a volunteer liability release. You were very thorough in your development of this waiver and we very much appreciate you taking out your time to create this. Now, thanks to your expertise, we can much better protect ourselves legally as we move forward with volunteers.”

To: Lisa Dow & Pamela Lina, Turner Enterprises, Inc.
From: Georgia Leadership Institute for School Improvement (GLISI)
“On behalf of the Georgia Leadership Institute for School Improvement (GLISI), I would like to thank you for the wonderful products you developed to address our organization’s liability concerns. The event signage language and recommendations around placement in the event space received rave reviews. Likewise, our team was extremely receptive to the proposed participant agreement. The brevity and customization of the document make the content more accessible and less intimidating to our participants. It also reflected the fact that you ‘get’ us. We are so appreciative of your sincere interest in our organization and work, and grateful to have benefited from your generosity and insights!”

To: Teri Bouchard, Littler Mendelson
From: PAWS Atlanta
“I very much appreciate the time and effort you gave to PAWS. It was very helpful. Having access to PBPA’s legal expertise is an incredible resource to small nonprofits, such as PAWS. We are very grateful for your support.”