Posted on December 16, 2014

To: Philip Cooper, Nelson Mullins
From: Circle of Hope

I know it seems like eternity since we last touched bases, but we are still at work trying to get everything finalized regarding the by-laws and conflict of interest policy. Everyone sung your praises regarding the work you did for us on these documents–many, many thanks and kudos!

To: Carly Huth, The Coca Cola Company
From: The Drake House

We have worked hard to update all of our governance documents over the past three years, and having you complete this particular segment of work is very important for the future of our organization. Our newly designed website will offer us a tool to reach out further into our community to tell our story, secure volunteers and to identify and communicate with donors. Thank you for our time in working on our behalf.

To: Robert Camp, CR Bridge BioPartners
From: Every Woman Works

We value the relationship that we enjoy with PBPA and attorneys like you who willingly and with great diligence offer their time and talents. We cannot begin to express our gratitude, but we certainly hope you know that we sincerely appreciate the sacrifice you make and the high level of skill and expertise you donate to support the work we do here at Every Woman Works, Inc. Please know that your work directly impacts and enhances our efforts to move women from dependency to self-sufficiency.

To: Rudy Gelly, Gelly LLC
From: CASA for Children

We have a lot of work to do and your support ensures that we can focus our time and energy into offering the compassion and integrity that the children in our child welfare system so desperately need. You have given us peace of mind that we are operating efficiently with minimal risk and helped us to expand and propel our mission further with your legal advice and work. As a small non profit, we could not have afforded these services. Only through your gift was it possible.

To: John Alden and Flora Manship, Kilpatrick Townsend
From: Journey

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to provide assistance to the Druid Hills Night Shelter dba Journey. We have a very tight budget and your legal assistance to help us ensure we have properly classified our employees and to help us create the offer letter we used to make our night manager an employee helped us immensely.