Posted on February 13, 2011

When we asked Rick McMurtry, Assistant General Counsel, and Betsy Holland, Director of Corporate Responsibility & Civic Affairs, both of Turner Broadcasting System, whether Turner might be willing to make a promotional video for Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta, we had in mind a guy with a video camera asking a few clients some questions. We certainly did not envision a crew of 14, a cast of 7, 11 interviews, two days of filming, four days of editing, catered meals and a partridge in a pear tree. It did seem like the 12 days of Christmas for us as the Turner crew worked feverishly to finish the video before their self-imposed December 31 deadline.

Where we thought Turner would just donate the time of a couple of employees, they had a significant budget of real dollars to pay for a production that was on par with anything they would do for a paying client. Special thanks go to Rick, Betsy, Bob Callner, Carol Dorsey and Rene Vance from Turner for all of their assistance and to interviewees Elizabeth Finn Johnson, Happy Perkins, Jim Johnson, Darcy White, Nancy Kumar, Charles Sperling, BryAnn Chen, Genene Stewart and Andy Schneggenburger.

The result is incredible, so click here to see our volunteer attorney video and click here to view client testimonials!