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Posted on May 2, 2019

Join Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta for an evening of beers,​ camaraderie and trivia! 

Start brushing up your trivia game. Prizes will be awarded to the winners. Keep an eye out for clues hidden in our newsletters, on our social media pages including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and even on our website.

When: Tuesday, June 4, 2019, 5:30 pm to 8 pm
Where: Second Self Brewery
Who: PBPA volunteers, clients, staff, and friends!
How: Tickets are $30 ($40 at the door). Trivia cards are an additional $10.

Click here to buy tickets!

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Posted on April 18, 2019
At a recent trip to the Tellus Science museum.

Residents of the East Atlanta neighborhood came together in 1998 to create the East Atlanta Kids Club (EAKC), giving local children a safe and stimulating place when out of school. The organization, which celebrated its 20th-anniversary last year, has become a cornerstone of its community as well as a model for similar organizations throughout the Atlanta area.

EAKC began with just a handful of community volunteers and only a dozen kids. Today, the organization serves more than 100 girls and boys between the ages of 7 and 17, offering educational and recreational activities, as well as mentorship opportunities, all free of charge. After 6 months, students have increased school attendance and show marked academic improvements, particularly in math and language arts. Students also exercise more and eat healthier. Active participants have above-average high school graduation and college and vocational-technical school matriculation rates. Perhaps more importantly, they develop a strong belief in themselves and their capabilities.

Executive Director, Jill Sieder with East Atlanta Kids Club alumni, Avery Hill.

There is something for everyone at EAKC. The after-school Kids Club serves elementary school students and offers tutoring and enrichment focusing on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math)-oriented activities. The Teen Club offers middle and high school students a curriculum focused on college and career readiness including entrepreneurship and leadership development, tutoring in math and language arts and art enrichment. The Friendship Connection is a mentorship program pairing youth with a same-gender mentor. The pair engage in educational, fun, and healthy activities. EAKC’s programs are based out of the Brownwood Park Recreation Center in East Atlanta, which the organization manages as part of an innovative, collaborative program between the organization and the City of Atlanta.

“We are small but mighty,” says EAKC’s Executive Director Jill Sieder, “and one way we stay strong is with the help of people who donate critical expertise that we need but cannot really afford. In retrospect, I had no idea how vulnerable we were until I attended the first legal check-up ten years ago. As an ED [Executive Director], I’ve received incredibly valuable counsel and education from PBPA staff and volunteer lawyers. We count ourselves among the fortunate nonprofit organizations in Atlanta to enjoy this pro bono protective relationship.”

Since 2007, many PBPA volunteer attorneys have assisted EAKC with legal matters ranging from negotiations and renewals of the lease with the City of Atlanta to employment contracts to establishing healthcare reimbursement accounts, including most recently Ted Solley of Moser Law Co., Rena Kelley of TBC Corporation, Stephanie Thompson of McKesson, Kathy Solley of Nelson Mullins, Meredith Francis of Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP, Sarah Parker of Holland & Knight, Brian Holmes of Dentons, Erika Leonard of Ogletree Deakins, and Jennifer Manning of The Coca-Cola Company.

Posted on April 5, 2019

Since January 1, 216 volunteers, have volunteered for new matters for our nonprofit clients! Click here for a list of individuals who have volunteered so far this year.

To: Ted Boehm, Fisher & Phillips
From: Georgia Asylum & Immigration Network

I just wanted to thank you for connecting me with Ted Boehm! I had a final call with him regarding Exempt vs. Non-exempt and I feel so educated and better informed. I can now take over the world. Thank you!

To: Devin Gordon, Turner Broadcasting Sytem
From: flood student missions

Devin and I had a great conversation the other day and are working on the items regarding intellectual property. We don’t anticipate this taking too long and he was actually able to help me with something that recently came up in that department.

Devin is GREAT and I look forward to working with him on this project!

To: John Monroe and Patrick Ryan, FordHarrison
From: Atlanta Legal Aid Society

We are so appreciative of Pro Bono Partnership’s referral and FordHarrison’s expert legal assistance in this matter. I can’t say enough about how helpful this was for our organization.

To: Doug Newell, Eversheds Sutherland
From: Swope Dreams

I wanted to formally thank you for all of the incredible work you have done on behalf of Swope Dreams, which recently resulted in closing on our first residential property as an organization! Your contribution to this project was critical, and I can confidently say that we would not have achieved a successful outcome without your involvement. With the closing of this property, we are now one step closer to providing a lower income family in Atlanta with the opportunity of purchasing an affordable home to call their own.

To: Molly Brophy and Michael Green, Jones Day
From: Be THE Voice

The Board of Directors of Be THE Voice, Inc. officially adopted new bylaws as written and prepared by you. You were wonderfully thoughtful and patient with my questions, and it was a pleasure to work with you. I am grateful for your experience, knowledge and thoroughness in the drafting of this important organizational document. Thank you so much for leading the process to create bylaws that our Board could unanimously endorse.

Posted on April 5, 2019

Thank you to the 216 attorney volunteers (as of April 5th) who gave nonprofit clients pro bono advice! We could not have done it without you.

Click here to add your name to the list below.

A. Michael Lee
Abbey Morrow
Abby Larimer
Adam Israelov
Aditya Shrivastava
Alan Rosselot
Alex Meier
Alex Strang
Alexandra Cervenka
Alina Lee
Alisha Gibson
Amber Charania
Amy McCullough
Andrew L. Smith
Andrew Leba
Andrew Mullen
Andrew Nielsen
Angela Vadala
Ann Murray
Anna Holcombe
Anne Geraghty Helms
Antoine Gary
Antonette Igbenoba
Ariel Fenster
Arthur (Johnny) Ellis
Arthur Gambill
Ashley Hager
Ashley Herd
Aubrey Gibson
Audrey Rogers
Behrouz Kianian
Beth Jones
Bethany Barclay Adeniyi
Bobby Seifter
Brad Holcombe
Brenda Holmes
Brian Galison
Brian Holmes
Brittany Summers
Brooke Belisle
Brooke Parris
Brooke Wickham
Candida Gibson
Carl Nickens
Carl Toppin
Carol Morgan
Carole Loftin
Carrie Tucker
Catherine McClellan
Cecilia Oh
Chandra Davis
Christine Kim
Clay Walts
Colony Canady
Cory Barker
Creighton Frommer
Crystal Genteman
Curtis Arnold
Curtis Romig
Dan Mohan
Daniel Englander
Daniel Kingsley
David Steele
David Tim
Deepa Subramanian
Destiny Washington
Devin McGuinness
Doug Abramson
Dougie Barnard
Edwin Garrison
Elena Polovnikova
Elizabeth Cristallo
Elizabeth Robertson
Ellen Samuels
Emma Barry
Eric Berardi
Eric Charity
Erin Peterson
Faith Knight Myers
Felix Faerber
Gail Gunnells
Genta Iwasaki
George Reinhardt
Geri Williams
Giovanna Soto
Grace Mann
Graham Jones
Guanming Fang
Hanish Patel
Hannah Byars
Heather Howdeshell
Heidi Reese
Hill Jeffries
Jackson Allen
Jade Gilstrap
James Grant
Jared Brandman
Jason Bernstein
Jay Meyers
JD Howard
Jeff Beattie
Jeff Perry
Jeffrey Kirsh
Jeremy Burnette
Jessica Rutledge Watson
Jill Girardeau
Joe Scibilia
John Bradbury
Jonathan DiChiara
Jonathan Link
Jonathan Nussbaum
Josh Kirschner
Kacy Goebel
Kaitlyn Pettet
Kate Bryan
Kate Ippen
Kate Miller Tucker
Katelyn Fredericks
Kathy Solley
Katie Wroten
Katy Smallwood
Kelly Romich
Kelsey Donnalley
Kelsie Willett
Kevin Strachan
Kitty Cohen
Kristen Murphey
Kyle Brown
Kyllan Kershaw
L. Joseph Potente
Laura Brickell
Lauren Coleman
Lauren Gregory
Laurin McDonald
Leah Braukman
Len Riepe
Logan Thore
Lorie Mason
Mack Heller
Maha Khalaj
Marc Hui
Marion Tilson
Maritza Knight Winfunke
Mark Magaro
Marshall Sanders
Matt Strumph
Matthew Clarke
Matthew Covell
Melloney Douce
Michael Gurion
Michael Kerman
Michelle Johnson
Michelle Marchiony
Michelle Urbani
Miguel Cadavid
Mona Maerz
Nathan North
Nedom Haley
Nick DuPuis
Nick Going
Nina Gupta
Olufunke Kosoko
Patrick Coyle
Patrick Whelchel
Paul Cox
Peter Muniz
Pharan Evans
Rachael Reed
Raquel Crump
Rena Kelley
Renate Walker
Richard Kruse
Richard Litwin
Rob Ellis
Rob Williamson
Robert Crewdson
Robert Shaw
Russell Love
Russell Nelson
Ruth Woodling
Sade Tidwell
Sakia DeLaney
Samer Roshdy
Savannah Phinney
Scott Rees
Seth Buchwald
Shan He
Shaudie Fassih
Shay Hable
Stephanie Thomson
Stephen McCullers
Steve Park
Steven Palmer
Steven Press
Suhail Seth
Suzanne Palms
Suzanne Russo
Talmadge Infinger
Tammy Le
Ted Solley
Terry Carroll
Thomas Edington
Thomas Federico
Thomas Spillman
Todd Williams
Trenton Kool
Trey O’Callaghan
Virginia Carron
Wayne Bradley
Will Jordan
William K. Whitner
William Ponder
Zachariah Lindsey
Zachary Kewer
Zack Lindsey

Posted on January 19, 2019

If you are providing parking to your employees on your own property, on leased property, or on a nearby parking lot, or if you are providing MARTA passes to employees, whether you are paying directly for these benefits or providing them through a pre-tax deduction to your employees’ pay, there may be tax implications for your organization under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. This article will provide you with information about the potential tax implications for nonprofits that provide these benefits to their employees, and includes updated information from the IRS on this subject.

Posted on December 18, 2018

Ellen Samuels and Anu Seam recently joined PBPA’s Board of Directors. Ellen is Law Vice President and Division General Counsel at NCR and Anu is Assistant Vice President-Senior Legal Counsel at AT&T.

Ellen Samuels has been advising our nonprofit clients on contracts since 2014. While Ellen has been interested in PBPA for many years, she was excited to finally start picking up projects when she moved with NCR from Dayton, Ohio to Duluth, and now Midtown. Her duties at NCR include supporting a broad range of technology transactions and legal challenges and overseeing a small global team of transactional technology lawyers. Previously she was a partner at a mid-sized law firm in Cincinnati, Ohio. She attended the University of Cincinnati for undergrad and law school. In addition to PBPA, Ellen is active in volunteering at Historic Norcross events and for the Orange Duffle Bag Foundation (a PBPA client).

“I am honored to be invited to join the PBPA Board. I love the organization’s mission and the value it provides to transactional lawyers and to the non-profits it serves,” said Ellen.

Anu Seam has been volunteering with PBPA for almost 10 years. She has also been on the cutting edge of technology and law for many years with extensive experience at AT&T, the U.S. Department of Justice, the Federal Communications Commission and the Minnesota Attorney General’s office. Anu supports AT&T’s Global Connections Management team and is responsible for negotiating complex domestic and international business contracts. She is also co-chair of AT&T’s Southeast Pro Bono Committee. She attended Delhi University Law Center and William Mitchell College of Law in Minnesota. In addition to PBPA, Anu is active with the Georgia Asian Pacific American Bar Association (Past President and Board Member) and with the Association of Corporate Counsel – Georgia Chapter (Past Board Member).

Posted on December 14, 2018

To: Sara Weed, Paul Hastings
From: DeKalb Volunteer Lawyers Foundation

“Sara, this is perfect. Thank you so much for working so diligently on this project with me, and for taking the time to add so much more than I had even anticipated to make this a valuable and effective tool for our volunteers. It has been an absolute privilege to work with you and I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am for all that you’ve done for us.”

To: Creighton Frommer, RELX
From: United Food Force

“We’re very grateful for your guidance and information to ensure we have the best and legal representation of our food bank on the website. Your assistance is priceless! Based on this, we’re confident that this matter is completed.”

To: Felix Faerber, Baker Donelson
From: Circle of Friends

“I am grateful for you, your legal expertise, and the time and care you so graciously extended to Circle of Friends dissolution. Your guidance throughout this process allowed my team and me to stay focused on transitioning from the beloved community with grace, dignity, and excellent standing.

In twenty days, you helped us turn twenty years of service to children, community, and country into a legacy with the establishment of the Circle of Friends Impact Scholarship Fund through the Century Challenge at Boston University.”

To: Marla Nicholson, CDC Software
From: Family Resource Center

“Your time and expertise have been such a blessing to our agency. Our board and myself included, are truly excited to have such sound bylaws as our foundation. Thank you for partnering with us as we empower at-risk families so that every child will be able to grow up in a stable and nurturing home.”

To: Allen Nelson, Taylor English Duma
From: Soar As Eagles

“Soar As Eagles appreciate your support to our mission to empower the lives of women. The conflict of interest policy will help me stay in order as we build capacity. Thank you, I am so grateful.”

Posted on December 14, 2018

Community Guilds is an Atlanta-based nonprofit committed to closing inequities and catalyzing transformation by providing experiential learning to teachers and students. The core program of Community Guilds, STE(A)M Truck, has been on the road since 2013. STE(A)M Truck is a mobile makerspace that provides a rigorous, experiential learning-based curriculum to students from 4 years old to teen. STE(A)M stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. The program offers students opportunities to get their hands dirty and build things using tools and technology.

Community Guilds collaborates with local schools and teachers to run STE(A)M Truck. The typical program lasts for 20 days, but there are also 1-day to 120-day programs, tailored to the needs of the school. Community Guilds targets Title 1 schools – schools with a high percentage of students from low-income families. The nonprofit has served 11,525 students so far this year. Community Guilds especially encourages female students to participate. According to Executive Director Jason Martin, Community Guilds wants to empower female students in STEM and change the male stereotype of STEM degrees.

Jason wants to spread the word about Community Guilds and have more schools to participate in the STE(A)M Truck program in the future. The organization is also developing a high school apprenticeship program to expose teenagers to different STEM careers, like drone operation.

Community Guilds has been a client of Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta since 2013. Jason shared “Rachel [Spears] serves as our guardian angel. She provides very important guidance and support. All of the attorneys who have given their resources also help us a lot with our developments.”

Many PBPA volunteer attorneys have assisted Community Guilds with legal matters ranging from drafting contracts with their school partners to drafting background check policies and revising bylaws, including T. Brian Green of Buckley Beal, David Gevertz of Baker Donelson, Suhail Seth and Matt McGrath of Nelson Mullins, Margaret Kochuba of Qiagen, Tom Rawls, retired from AT&T, Nancy Prager of Prager Law, Calvin Jellema of Kutak Rock, Sonya Madison of BrightShare Consulting, Jeff Friedman of Arnall Golden Gregory, Alexandra Greene Kennelly of Paul Hastings, Rachel Gervin of Sage Software, Lynn Scott of Polsinelli, Marc Rhee of Ken David & Associates, Noelle Abastillas of Kilpatrick Townsend, Matt Drain of Law Office of Matthew Drain, Ian Calhoun of Alston & Bird, Andrew Regan, David Roth, and Jarrod Loadholt.

Posted on December 14, 2018

Thank you to the 713 attorney volunteers (as of December 14) who gave our nonprofit clients pro bono advice, so far in 2018! We could not have done it without you! Click here to add your name to the list below!

A. Michael (Mike) Lee
Aba Rogers
Adam Fitzsimmons
Adam Marshall
Alan Bakowski
Alan Hastings
Alan Rosselot
Alana Kirkland
Alex Barnett
Alex Drummond
Alex Holt
Alex Meier
Alex Smith
Alex Strang
Alexa Pisczak
Alexandra Kennelly
Alexia Noble
Alexis Simpson
Alfred Lurey
Ali Stimac
Alina Lee
Alisha Gibson
Alison Bazinet
Alison Boyer
Alison Haddock Hutton
Alison Musto LeVasseur
Alistair McMaster
Alla Raykin
Allen Nelson
Allie Smith
Ally Rajic
Allysa Hopson
Alvin Johnson
Alyson Pirio
Amanda Busse
Amanda Cooper
Amanda Langston
Amanda Norcross
Amanda Witt
Amber Greenaway
Ami Rodrigues
Amy Allen
Amy Jensen
Amy Jones
Amy Kluesner
Amy McCullough
Andrea Novak
Andrea Peters
Andrew Booth
Andrew Leba
Andrew Mullen
Andrew Yates
Andria Beeler-Norrholm
Andy Immerman
Andy Locker
Andy Much
Angel Wang
Angela Vadala
Angelica Guerra
Anita Bala
Ann Minor
Anna Halsey
Anna Holcombe
Anna Saraie
Anne Blitch
Anne Compton-Brown
Anne Cox-Johnson
Anne Hicks
Antoine Gary
Anu Seam
Anyssa Williams
Ariel Fenster
Arthur Gambill
Ashley Chalmers
Ashley Halfman
Ashley Miller
Ashley Pruitt
Ashna Zaheer
Audra Dial
Austin Dailey
Austin Mills
Austin Padgett
Ava Conger
Ayanna Crockett
Ballard Yelton
Barbara Miller
Baylie Fry
Ben Barkley
Ben Shapiro
Benjamin Briggs
Benjamin Fink
Benjamin Han
Benjamin Martin
Bert Brannen
Bess Hinson
Beth Jones
Bethani Oppenheimer
Betsy Burns
Betsy Griswold
Bill Pauly
Bill Roche
Bill Zawrotny
Bisi Adeyemo
Bob Edwards
Bob Stevens
Brandon Moulard
Brandon Van Balen
Branson Lee
Brent Gilfedder
Brent Houk
Brian Fielden
Brian Galison
Brian Gamsey
Brian Holmes
Brian Leslie
Briley Brisendine
Brittany Cassell Raway
Brooke Belisle
Brooke McGuffey
Brooke Parris
Bruce Sarkisian
Bryan Brum
Bryan Skeen
Bryan Stillwagon
C. Brad Flynt
Caela Abrams
Calvin Jellema
Candace Rodriguez
Cara Melenyzer
Carly Smith
Carol Starnes
Carol Williamson
Carole Loftin
Caroline Brown
Caroline Wood
Carolyne Hilton
Cass Hollis
Catherine Klein
Catherine McClellan
Chad Almy
Chanel Patrick
Charles (Chuck) McDonald
Charles Hodges
Charles Thimmesch
Charles Vaughn
Charlie Kearns
Charlie Suessmith
Charmaine Mech
Chi Gettig
Chris Arbery
Chris Balch
Chris Baugher
Chris Mann
Chris Richardson
Chris Underwood
Christina Braisted Rogers
Christina Meddin
Christopher Chan
Chuqin Xing
Cindy Ruback
Claire Alexander
Colony Canady
Constance Brewster
Corbin Kennelly
Corey Goerdt
Cory Barker
Courtney Majors
Craig Friedman
Creighton Frommer
Crystal Enekwa
Crystal Genteman
Curtis Arnold
Curtis Romig
Damian Georgino
Dan Brown
Dan Hart
Dan Mohan
Daniel Beale
Daniel Grucza
Daniel Kingsley
Daniel Nisenson
Daniel Rollman
Dara Mann
Dara Redler
Darryl Davis
Da-Shon Dixon
David Bouchard
David Freda
David Gevertz
David Kelly
David Kirk
David Reed
David Sirna
David Steele
David Stewart
Davis Riddle
Deanna Dixon
Debbie Brown
Deborah Ausburn
Deepa Subramanian
Delbert Winn
Delia Hobbs
Dena Hong
Derek Gilliam
Derrick Parker
Destiny Washington
Devin Gordon
Diane Prucino
Don Prather
Donna Keeton
Donovan Potter
Dorian Kennedy
Dougie Barnard
Douglas Newell
D’Ree Cooper
Ebony Hayes
Edgar Callaway
Edwin Garrison
Eleanor deGolian
Eleanor Kasper
Elimu Kajunju
Elisabeth Shepard
Elizabeth Lester
Elizabeth Newton
Elizabeth Noe
Elizabeth O’Connell
Elizabeth Spivey
Ellen Grant
Ellen Samuels
Elliot Watts
Elliott Coward
Emily Avant
Emily Borna
Emily Breece
Emily Hootkins
Emily Prince
Emily Schifter
Emily Whitaker
Eric Berardi
Eric Magnus
Erica Svoboda
Erik Belenky
Erin Fortney
Erin Reeves McGinnis
Erinn Robinson
Evan Pontz
Evie Hightower
Faith Knight Myers
Felicia Xu
Felix Faerber
Flo O’Neal
Forrest Neal
Frank Chen
Frank DeMelfi
Frank Landgraff
G. Campbell Irving
Gabby Fulton
Gail Gunnells
Gary Bunce
Gautam Huded
Gautam Reddy
Genevieve Razick
George Akers
George Reinhardt
George Sewell
Gerry Williams
Glenn Lyon
Glenn Williams
Graham Jones
Grant Cohen
Guanming Fang
Guinevere Christmann
Halli Cohn
Hannah Hope
Hannah Loo
Harrison Roberts
Hayley Ambler
Heather Howdeshell
Helen Weinstein
Hill Jeffries
Honore Hishamunda
Ian Calhoun
Isaac Dolgovskij
Isaac Yilma
Isabella Lee
Isabelle Dinerman
Ivor Longo
Jack Stapleton
Jacki Green
Jacob Stewart
Jade Gilstrap
Jake Schwartz
Jakeema Bascoe
James (Jim) Johnson
James Alexander
James Lamberth
James Rusert
James Trigg
James Wolf
Jamie Cohen
Jamie Graham
Jamie Konn
Jamila Hall
Jan Davidson
Jana Korhonen
Janice Island
Jasmine Cobbs
Jasmine Lowe
Jason Bernstein
Jason Chang
Jason Fletcher
Jason Howard
Jason Huff
Jason McCoy
Jay Ruby
Jeanene Jobst
Jeff Connell
Jeff Glaser
Jeff Handler
Jeff Holt
Jeffrey Douglass
Jeffrey Harrison
Jeffrey Kirsh
Jeffrey Murray
Jennifer Bassett
Jennifer Goldstein
Jennifer Gruber
Jennifer Manning
Jennifer Riley
Jennifer Schumacher
Jennifer Woodruff
Jenny Lambert
Jenny Sabo
Jessica Borgert
Jessica Clay
Jessica Hunt
Jessica Keenum
Jessie Kimball
Jill Termini
Jill Wasserman
Jim Demetry
Jim Leonard
Joanna Sutton
Joanne Schwartz
Jody Rhodes
Joe Freeman
Joel Bradley
Joel Rogers
John Alden
John Bowler
John Dirico
John Griffee
John Harbin
John Meyer
John Mills
John Monroe
John Senical
John Sharpe
Jon Neiditz
Jon Parness
Jonathan Giesen
Jonathan Mond
Jon-Peter Kelly
Jordan Smart
Joseph Brock
Joseph Holahan
Josh Hess
Josh Kirschner
Joshua Richey
Josie Harris-Walton
Judith Watkins
Judy Roman
Julia Pozo
Julie Franki
Julien Dumont
Kabir Uddin
Kacy Goebel
Kaeley Brown
Kaitlyn Pettet
Kara Ong
Karen Shelton
Karissa Blyth
Kasia Hebda
Kate Ippen
Katelyn Fredericks
Katherine Lewis
Katherine Siuta O’Shea
Kathryn Hauch
Kathryn Hutton
Kathy Solley
Katie Balthrop
Katie Barton
Katie Wroten
Katrina Hodges
Katrina Quicker
Katy Smallwood
Kaylan Meaza
Kedrick Eily
Kelley Gass
Kelly Vidal
Kelsey Donnalley
Kelsie Willett
Ken Barr
Ken Zirkman
Kevin Coy
Kevin Gooch
Kimberly Haynes
Kimberly Justus
Kirk Domescik
Kirsten Rodrigues
Kitty Cohen
Kristie Piasta
Kristin Aquino-Pham
Kristin Crall
Kristin Ray
Kristina Griffin
Kristina Thomas
Kurt Lentz
Kyle Cunnion
Kyle Ricketts
Kyle Wamstad
Kyllan Kershaw
Lachena Grant
Lansing Lee
Latasha Bumpers
Laura Bogan
Laura Brickell
Laura Gardner
Laura Kees
Laura Phillips
Laurin McDonald
Laurisa Curran
Lawrence Kasmen
Leah Braukman
Leah Singleton
Leanna Degenhart
Lee Barkley
Lee Discher
Len Riepe
Lesley O’Neill
Lillian Martin
Lindsay Henner
Lindsay Jones
Lindsey Gearhart
Lindsey Mann
Lindsey Perry
Lisa Godwin
Lisa Sharp
Lisa Stockard
Liz Buckley
Liz Wheeler
LK Greenbacker
Logan Thore
Lohr Beck-Kemp
Lorrin Stone
Lou Barbieri
Louis Herrera Jr.
Louis Isaf
Luanna Petti
Lucas Andrews
Lucas Asper
Maayan Lattin
Mack Heller
Madison Marcus
Madison Pool
Madison Roberts
Mae Manupipatpong
Maki DePalo
Mantas Valiunas
Marcus Powers
Margaret Scott
Maria Repokis
Marianna Faircloth
Marion Tilson
Maritza Badio
Maritza Knight Winfunke
Mark Keenan
Mark Moore
Mark Padilla
Marla Nicholson
Marquetta Bryan
Marsha Bailey
Marshall Barton
Marshall Sanders
Marty Heller
Mary Benton
Mary Claire Smith
Mary Grace Gallagher
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Matt Carlucci
Matt McGrath
Matt Strumph
Matthew Howell
Matthew Morrison
Matthew Nesbitt
Matthew Yungwirth
Maureen Sullivan
Mauricia Allen
Maxwell Mauldin
Meagan Griffin
Megan Cambre
Megan Quinn
Meghan Rachford
Melanie Walker
Melissa Prusock
Melissa Siegelman
Melissa Yost
Melodee Henderson
Meredith Boudin
Meredith Kincaid
Meredith Shaughnessy
Meredith Silliman
Michael Bertelson
Michael Bishop
Michael DelGaudio
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Michael Gurion
Michael Henson
Michael Hobbs, Jr.
Michael Kerman
Michael Mannino
Michael Petrov
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Michael Rubinger
Michael Tippett
Michael Williford
Michele Madison
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Rachel Erdman
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Rachel Neufeld
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Rebecca Davis
Rebecca DeCarlo
Rebecca Nocharli
Rebecca Strickland
Rebekah McCorvey
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Reginald O’Shields
Rena Kelley
Rhona Reynolds
Richard Brody
Richard Litwin
Richard Rosenblatt
Rick McMurtry
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Robert Benson
Robert Crewdson
Robert Curylo
Robert Dumbacher
Robert King
Robert Lewis
Robert Lockwood
Robert Moore Jr.
Robert Sills
Robin Sangston
Robyn Farmer
Ronan Doherty
Ryan Kerr
Ryan Langel
Ryan Schneider
Sade Tidwell
Sakia DeLaney
Samantha Busch
Samara Pals-Cramer
Samuel Wilmoth
Sara Fon Miller
Sara Weed
Sarah Bangs
Sarah Good
Sarah Holland
Sarah Jamison
Sarah Jurkiewicz
Sarah Loya
Sarah Quattrocchi
Sarah Stephens
Sawyer Duncan
Scott Burton
Scott Edwards
Scott Voelker
Scott Wagner
Sean Bedford
Shaila Manjiyani
Shane Lord
Shannon Cox
Shefali Lakhani
Shequitta Parker
Shereen Baban
Shiriki Cavitt
Shola Omojokun
Sidney Simms
Sonya Madison
SoRelle Brown
Spencer Pryor
Stacey Keegan
Stacey Mohr
Stacy Epps
Stacy Ingram
Stacy Shanley
Stasia Broadwater
Steffan Finnegan
Stephanie Aferiat
Stephanie Driggers
Stephanie Godfrey
Stephanie Thomson
Steve Cummings
Steve Park
Steven Kennedy
Steven Palmer
Steven Press
Steven Wong
Stuart Neiman
Suhail Seth
Sumaya Ellard
Suzanne Alford
Suzanne Russo
Sydney Hu
Talmadge Infinger
Tamaron Houston
Tarrah Smith
Tashwanda Pinchback Dixon
Ted Boehm
Ted Solley
Tera Doak
Terri Stewart
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Posted on September 28, 2018

Discovering that you have Parkinson’s Disease can be devastating. Larry Kahn knows first-hand; his own diagnosis came in 2010. PD is an incurable, progressive neurological disease and, until five years ago, most people receiving this diagnosis viewed it as a death sentence. To Larry, an author and corporate attorney, the thought of slowing down didn’t sit well. Then he discovered something that was not widely known: emerging research suggested vigorous exercise can combat Parkinson’s progression and improve quality of life.

In January 2014, with this knowledge in hand, Larry founded PD Gladiators. Its mission: combat Parkinson’s with vigorous exercise. The organization developed a network of independent fitness instructors, including the YMCA of Metro Atlanta, who take specialized training and offer fitness classes modified for individuals with Parkinson’s Disease that are both effective in treating the disease and sustainable. Classes include non-contact boxing, tai chi, yoga, dance and general fitness. Through the exercise programs, participants across Greater Atlanta become connected to others managing the disease. This support network is another critical component of PD Gladiator’s success.

In the summer of 2014, PD Gladiators became a Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta client. Over the next few years, Senior Corporate/Tax Counsel Robyn Miller and PBPA volunteers advised Larry and PD Gladiators on worker classification, contracts and liability releases with local fitness providers, fundraising and sponsorship agreements, and volunteer management.

In 2016, PD Gladiators approached PBPA about merging with a national organization that serves people with Parkinson’s. It was a good prospect for advancing the mission with additional resources and program support. PBPA enlisted Brian Galison, Christie Jones, and Jay Collins from Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough to guide Larry and his board through the process. Unfortunately, the merger fell through when the two organizations could not agree to terms.

Larry approached PBPA a year later with the prospect of another merger with a different national Parkinson’s organization. The original Nelson Mullins team jumped into action and within 12 months the two organizations worked out their terms and successfully merged. Now PD Gladiators is a program of the Parkinson’s Foundation. Larry will continue to serve on the Parkinson’s Foundation’s local Advisory Council and to serve the Parkinson’s community.

As the merger was being finalized, Larry wrote to Brian Galison and Christie Jones at Nelson Mullins, “I cannot express enough my gratitude, which is shared by our Board of Directors, for your pro bono assistance and to Nelson Mullins and Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta for facilitating your good work. You have guided me through two of these transactions in the last couple of years with patience, expertise, humor and kindness, and you never made me feel less important than a paying client, although I have tried my best not to take unfair advantage of your generosity. Thank you for everything–your efforts have saved a program that hundreds of people with Parkinson’s disease love and have made my efforts over the past five years lasting and worthwhile.”