For Nonprofits

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“Our agency had the pleasure of working with Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta on issues ranging from personnel policies to confidentiality and client intake procedures. The amazing attorneys that so graciously give of their time were a joy to work with and made the process relatively painless! Sometimes this work can be intimidating and I appreciate the expertise and thoroughness that everyone through PBPA– -staff and volunteer attorneys– -brought to the table.”

– Amy N. Weaver, Executive Director, Hospitality House for Women, Inc.

“We participated last fall in our 2nd Legal-Check Up and are currently working through a few followup items. The staff and I read the articles published in the Pro Bono newsletter, and we attend events and webinars. Last year, I assigned pieces of the handout from the ‘Top Ten Legal Issues Non-profits Face’ to members of the staff, and we spent several months reviewing as part of our staff meetings. This year, we are working as a team on data security from one of the articles published earlier this year. I do not lose sleep worrying about legal issues because I know our organization is in great hands.”

– Nancy Staub, Executive Director, kidz2leaders, inc.

Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta provides free legal assistance to community-based nonprofits that serve low-income or disadvantaged individuals. We match eligible organizations with volunteer attorneys from the leading corporations and law firms in Atlanta who can assist nonprofits with business law matters, including:

  • Revising Bylaws
  • Advising on Best Practices in Corporate Governance
  • Assisting with Nonprofit Mergers
  • Drafting and Reviewing Contracts and Leases
  • Registering Trademarks and Copyrights
  • Assisting with Employee Benefits Issues
  • Classifying Exempt/Non-exempt
  • Advising on Revenue Generating Activities
  • Preparing partnership and joint venture agreements
  • Drafting and Reviewing Employee Handbooks
  • Managing Volunteer Liability and Other Risks
  • Protecting your Tax-Exempt Status
  • Drafting Waivers and Releases

In order to be a client of Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta, an organization must:

  • Be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.*
  • Be located in or serve the greater Atlanta area.
  • Serve low-income or disadvantaged individuals.
  • Be unable to afford legal services.

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