Happy Perkins Society

What is it?

The Happy Perkins Society was founded in 2017 in honor of Happy Perkins, retired GE Power General Counsel, who led the effort to bring PBPA to Atlanta in 2005. Members contribute $1,000 annually and receive special opportunities to network and volunteer through PBPA. Join our giving society today by making your gift of $1,000 or more, here.

Photos (left to right):

Briley Brisendine, Cheri and Happy Perkins and Bill Ewing; Happy Perkins, Jim Kerr and other guests; Cati Diamond Stone and Ben Garren ; Wayne Bradley, Rachel Spears and Kara Ong; Betsy Griswold, Faith Knight Myers and Elizabeth Finn Johnson

2021 Members:

Anonymous Tricia Kinney
Bruce Baber Faith & Derrick Myers
David Balser* John Koenig
Marshall Barton* Frank Landgraff
Michael Betz Eric Larson*
Tom Bishop* Will & Tracey Ledbetter
Wayne Bradley Kristen McGuffey*
Jared Brandman John Mills
Briley Brisendine & Elena Parent Shane Nichols
Virginia Carron* Kara Ong
Jeffrey Cashdan Rahul Patel
Halli Cohn* Happy & Cheri Perkins
Anne Cox-Johnson Tom & Olga Rawls
Juliana Dearing Bill Roche
Dara DeHaven Curtis Romig*
Kirk Domescik* Alan & Meg Rosselot
Mindy & Curtis Doster Val Rusk
Scott Edwards* Louise Sams*
Bill Ewing Ellen Samuels & Lee Kellogg
Elizabeth Finn Johnson & Stuart Johnson Anu Seam
John Fleming Michael Smith
Creighton Frommer* Kathy Solley
Geoff  Frost* Rachel Spears
Brian  Galison* David Steele
Ben & Michelle Garren Bryan & Courtney Stillwagon*
Betsy & Daryl Griswold Phyllis Sumner*
Evan Harvey* Janet Taylor*
Robert Hays Keith Townsend
Sally & Neal Patton Bruce Wanamaker*
Ryan Schneider & Jennifer Tourial Darcy White*
Josh Kamin* Carolyn Zander Alford
Jim Kerr*
Tricia Kinney

*New Happy Perkins Society Members

Join Today

By giving $84 or more a month, monthly donors are eligible to join the Happy Perkins Society.

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